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WastePay provides affordable, customizable payment processing solutions for small and medium-sized waste removal businesses looking for a better way to charge their customers.

Our Story

We Started With Renting Dumpsters

We quickly realized there wasn’t a solution out there that helped waste disposal companies like us — especially when it came to specific industry challenges like fees from overloaded containers or weight overages. Our first few years were spent not only trying to run our operation, but also finding ways to modify how we charged our customers so it was a win-win for us both.

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We Knew Something Needed to Change

As our business grew and we solidified our billing processes — learning far more about payment processing than we’d ever expected to learn as owners of a dumpster company — we realized that we could offer more to the waste industry.

We decided to combine our experience and our technical resources to offer the kind of tailored payment processing service we wished we had when we first started out.

We Created WastePay

Our personalized service includes secure, reliable payment processing, industry advice and consultative resources on how to offer your customers a simplified and user-friendly way to pay online. The best part? The WastePay team is there to support you one step at a time.

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